A Place For Regular Dudes
To Make A Real Change In The World!

Dude On To Others As You Would Have Them Dude On To You

Dude Charity strives to help others by making it fun to engage in community service. We aim to work with and for LOCAL nonprofit organizations in Central Ohio. We want to support their missions directly through fundraising and acts of kindness. By focusing on many local organizations we can execute our major goal which is getting dudes (men, women, cats, dogs, aliens) involved in positively affecting their community. Locally sourced food as well as local music, drink and small business are important to us. We intend to put local charity in the same movement. We aspire to get regular dudes involved with money and/or time. Both are immensely valuable and allotting some of yours to service can be life changing for you and others. We want you to see how volunteerism and philanthropy can transform your personal environment.

Our community actions as a whole will be referred to as, “ABIDEMENTS.” We plan on using The Dude as an influence on how we view our world. We are a non-denominational nonprofit 501(C)3 organization and we hope to help all as equally as possible. Being ”dude” is about remaining calm and chill, not worrying about things out of your control and an overall takin’ er easy (for all the sinners out there). We hope that adding social consciousness to that mix will bring people together for a greater good. We want to establish an ever-growing group of dudes who might not get down with charitable activities otherwise we. All you DUDES keep your eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what we are up to! Come to an event for some fun, to see what were up, and to tell us about yourself or charities you are involved with. Donate and contact us today to help out!