Dude On To Others As You
Would Have Them Dude On To You

Where's The Money Lebowski?

Calling all you abiders out there! This where we set Dude Charity apart from the rest. We are looking for our special group of dudes to donate as much as you can without having to visit a cash machine (Watch the movie if you haven't). We are officially a 501(c)3 recognized by the IRS! We hope that you will consider doing monthly recurring payments now that we are official.

The Dude Charity Advantage
Donating monthly gives you the ability to support 12 great charities each year. Instead of investing your hard earned dollars in only one organization, you can spread the love around. No amount is too small because funding is the first and most important step to accomplishing our goal to help change the world. All your money stays local to help organizations and people in your communities. All non-profits are researched to ensure that your money is maximized to its full potential. We want your money and our hard work to be paid back with the great feeling that bbeing involved in philanthropy brings.

Our Supporters